Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

We are officially going to the Carrollton Farmers' Market on a regular basis.   As of this past Saturday, Mom (aka Nana) and I were manning the booth with delicious veggies for all.   We took bunches of basil, thyme, and mint, broccoli heads and florets, Hungarian wax and jalapeño peppers, Elephant garlic, and green beans.   Though it wasn't as much as we'll be offering later on in the season, we were happy to see all our friends at the market!
We cut our herbs fresh the morning of market.   
This is our lakeside patch of wild Spearmint.

Papi dug the Elephant garlic about a week and a half ago. 
The bright green stems are a few stragglers we dug on Tuesday.

Here is our humble little stand at the market, 
complete with a scrapbook of images of the farm compliments of our friends Jim and Brenda

This was our view of the market from the booth.   
The positions are first come, first served.

Back at Shepherd's Flock Farm, Papi and Jhan have been catching up on mowing after two weeks of rain (Khalil "helps" drive the tractor).   We're also trying to clean out old canning jars to prepare for the MANY tomatoes to come!   
Papi and Khalil on the tractor mowing. 

Canning jars waiting for a final rinse in the sink.
We're hoping for LOTS of veggies to can come fall.

Mostly we're just trying to make progress and keep cool with this heatwave. 

Thanks for visiting us here at Shepherd's Flock Farm.   Next up will be pictures of the garden in full swing.   And next week stay tuned for more pics of our trip down to Peru.   Thanks, and God bless!

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