Monday, July 15, 2013

Excuses, excuses...

I realize that I really have NO excuse for neglecting this blog so terribly, but I will posit that it is hard to chase around your nearly two-year-old while in Peru AND post to the blog.   In lieu of a better explanation, I will try to placate you with a few picture of our trip to Camana, Peru.   We were away for five weeks, and Nana and Papi held down the fort at Shepherd's Flock Farm while we were away.  

Thanks for your patience, and we'll try to get this blog back up and running soon here!!!   Sorry!

Kate and Khalil in the desert north of Camana

A papaya tree in the huerta (garden) of Don Francisco

Vegetable stands in the open air mercado in Camana

Potatoes, onions, ajis, sweet peppers, tomatoes, lemons, and 
green beans in our favorite veggie stand

All righty, more soon in the form of photos and an update on Shepherd's Flock Farm.   We were at the Carrollton Farmer's Market this past Saturday, so I'll post pics and share a bit about our experience thus far this season.   Thanks for your patience!!!   Gracias!

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