Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is in the air

A few pictures to warm you up on 
a cold, snowy day...

On Saturday, the weather was just perfect to finally be out in the yard starting to clean up the dead brush and debris from last fall, so we bundled up and all went to work.   The project for the day was the wild flower bed just below the promontory that Jhan made last summer (more on that later - I'm hoping it'll become my first masonry project).   

These "Ditch" Lilies, as Mama calls them, have just begun to pop up on the front bank by the lake.    I transplanted a couple of clumps of these lovely flowers to enable Jhan to reshape a portion of the bank.   We're hoping that with it a bit more level, it'll be easier to maintain this year.   
Let the war on the locust trees begin!

Here's Mama posing for a glamour shot, aka cutting weeds out of the wild flower beds by the lake.   In the background you can see a diaper box doubling as a waste bin, the little green fishing boat, and Jhan cleaning the bank just beyond it.

Jhan did not approve of this photograph, but I had to show him hard at work 
cleaning out the wild flower beds

Speaking of hard at work...   I'm not sure that it was ideal to allow little man to dig in the ashes, 
but he really did enjoy himself. 

Here are a couple of parting shots: 
A mama goose hard at work protecting her clutch of eggs, 
and little man's discarded mitten stuck up in the tree...   

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