Thursday, December 27, 2012

12.27.2012 Post-Christmas Bliss

I suppose we were due for a good snow here in Carroll County, last winter being quite mild.   As of yesterday morning and well into the wee hours of this morning, we were hit with a serious snow storm.   We had nearly 20 hours of off and on snow and freezing rain with a touch of high winds for good measure.   Mom and Papi headed into town early yesterday morning before the worst of it started – Mom to her job at the Park and Papi to see about purchasing a generator (lest we should be without power due to ice and high winds).   I called the Park at about 10:30AM to see if I could convince Mom to come home early and avoid getting stuck off-farm, but no convincing was necessary.   Papi was already there to get her, and she was just finishing up an email.   The two headed south at around quarter to eleven only to get stuck on Town Hill and then stuck at the Western Grill.   Being wise on all things road related, Papi decided not to try Route 9 in their little car.   Our loveable neighbor Mr. Bill came to the rescue in their four-wheel drive vehicle despite being VERY under the weather with flu.    I ran out to say thanks when he got them home at around noon-thirty, and I sent home our little Christmas gift for him and for Ms. Tracy, la Reina Madre of Tracylandia.  

Rural Ohio being what it is, we are all still huddled up here at the Shepherd’s Flock for the foreseeable future.   Jhan has already been out (in pajamas and boots, no less) to shovel the kitchen steps and walkway, and Papi has been out to check the wood burner and is now happily tootling around the farm on the tractor shoveling the drive.   In a while here I’ll have to head out to clear off the car and see if it starts.   If the roads are clear, we’ll head up to the Grill to retrieve the folks’ car.   That may have to wait until late morning, as we’re expecting Mr. Richardson to stop by and see about hooking up the generator.   Gotta love being on farm-time.  

On the To Do list for today: washing up some dishes and maybe some laundry, splitting the log of Apple wood that Tracy and Bill brought me, and getting started on some wooden spoons with my new Christmas gift set of gouges.   We’ve got plenty of bread, so I probably shouldn’t make any more just now.   This snow storm has made me glad that we regularly stock up on the basics, though, and with the generator to run the wood burner’s pump and the furnace blowers, there’s hardly any reason to leave when the roads are too slick.   And with that being said, it’s time to run – the electrician is here about the generator.   Bye for now!

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